58-5-1    Scope of chapter.

58-5-2    "Stock" insurer defined.

58-5-3    "Mutual" insurer defined.

58-5-4    Applicability of corporation laws.

58-5-5    Incorporation of stock and mutual insurers.

58-5-6    Incorporators--Number and qualifications.

58-5-6.1    Domestication of foreign company--Requirements and procedure.

58-5-7    Articles of incorporation--Execution and acknowledgment--Contents.

58-5-8    Articles of incorporation delivered to director with filing fees--Examination and approval by attorney general, return to director.

58-5-9    Distribution of copies of approved articles.

58-5-10    Disapproval of articles by attorney general--Statement of reasons--Returned to incorporators.

58-5-11    Amendment of articles of incorporation--Submission and filing.

58-5-12    Bond required of mutual insurer before soliciting applications for insurance--Filing by incorporators--Amount, conditions.

58-5-13    Deposit by incorporators of mutual insurer in lieu of bond--Amount.

58-5-14    Duration of bond or deposit by mutual insurer.

58-5-15    Commencement of solicitation by mutual insurer.

58-5-16    Temporary insurance producer's licenses for solicitation of applications for mutual insurance--Issuance by director.

58-5-17    Applications for mutual insurance--Signature by applicant, coverage.

58-5-18    Applications for mutual insurance--Contents.

58-5-19    Trust deposit of premiums or fees collected by mutual insurer on qualifying applications.

58-5-20    Transaction of business without certificate of authority as misdemeanor.

58-5-21    Insurance applications and surplus required for original certificate of authority to domestic mutual insurer.

58-5-22    Expendable surplus funds required of domestic mutual insurer.

58-5-23    Determination by director as to weight to be given to insurance plans.

58-5-24    Cessation of corporate powers upon failure of mutual insurer to secure certificate of authority--Return of trust deposit.

58-5-25    Issuance of certificate of authority to domestic mutual insurer--Funds in trust deposit become funds of insurer--Delivery of policies--Effective date of policies.

58-5-26    Authorization of domestic mutual insurer to transact additional kinds of insurance.

58-5-27    Membership of policyholders in domestic mutual insurer--Reinsurance contract excepted.

58-5-28    Eligibility to membership in domestic, foreign, or alien mutual insurer.

58-5-29    Contingent liability of members of mutual insurer--Exception.

58-5-30    Contingent liability of member of mutual insurer not terminated by termination of policy.

58-5-31    Unrealized contingent liability of members of mutual not an asset of insurer.

58-5-32    Levy of assessment by mutual insurer for contingent liability.

58-5-33    Amount of assessment by mutual insurer.

58-5-34    Computation of assessment levied by mutual insurer.

58-5-35    Offsets not allowed against assessment by mutual insurer.

58-5-36    Lien of mutual insurer for levy of assessment for contingent liability.

58-5-37    Extinguishment of contingent liability--Issuance of nonassessable policies--Revocation of authority.

58-5-38    Extinguishment of contingent liability must apply to all members and policies.

58-5-39    Bylaws of domestic mutual insurer--Adoption, modification, and revocation.

58-5-40    Meetings of members of domestic mutual insurer--Time, notice, quorum, and conduct.

58-5-41    Voting rights of members of domestic mutual insurer.

58-5-42    Directors of domestic mutual insurer--Number, qualifications, election, terms of office, and powers.

58-5-43    Officers of domestic mutual insurer--Number, designation, election, and terms of office--Powers and duties.

58-5-44    Funds of domestic mutual insurer--Deposit, custody, disbursement, and accounting.

58-5-45    Management of domestic mutual insurer.

58-5-46    Certified copy of bylaws and amendments of domestic mutual insurer filed with director--Disapproval by director, grounds.

58-5-47    Bylaws of domestic stock insurer--Adoption, modification, and revocation.

58-5-48    Bylaws of domestic stock insurer subject to approval of director.

58-5-49    Equity securities of domestic stock insurer--Rules and regulations as to solicitation of proxies, consents, and authorities--Adoption and promulgation.

58-5-50    Annual meetings of stockholders or members--Election of directors--Reports of officers of insurer as to affairs--Transaction of other business--Notice of meeting.

58-5-51    Special meetings of stockholders or members--Calling by board of directors--Notice.

58-5-52    Special meetings of stockholders or members called by secretary on request of directors, stockholders, or members--Failure of secretary to issue call.

58-5-53    Stockholder or member compelling board of directors to call annual meeting.

58-5-54    Place for holding meetings of stockholders or members--Waiver.

58-5-55    Meetings of stockholders or members--Organization for transaction of business, quorum required.

58-5-56    Amendment of articles of incorporation at meeting of stockholders or members--Notice of meeting.

58-5-57    Reduction of capital of stock insurer--Disapproval by director, grounds.

58-5-58    Directors of domestic insurer--Number--Management of affairs of insurer.

58-5-59    Election of directors of domestic insurer--Qualifications.

58-5-60    Directors of domestic insurer--Terms of office.

58-5-61    Pecuniary interest of officer, director, committee member, or employee of domestic insurer in transactions with insurer prohibited--Misdemeanor.

58-5-62    Guarantee by insurer of any financial obligation of its officers, directors, stockholders, or members prohibited.

58-5-63    Policy holding not a prohibited pecuniary interest.

58-5-64    Stock ownership not a prohibited pecuniary interest.

58-5-65    Other permitted pecuniary interest of director, officer, or employee of insurer.

58-5-66    Compensation of officers and employees of domestic insurer.

58-5-67    Pensions to officers and directors of domestic insurers.

58-5-68    "Equity security" defined.

58-5-69    Statement of ownership of insurance company filed with director--Change of ownership, time for statement.

58-5-70    Short sales by insider as misdemeanor--Delivery of securities sold, when required.

58-5-71    Profits from insider security transactions accruing to company.

58-5-72    Suit to recover insider profits accruing to company.

58-5-73    Exemption from insider trading restrictions.

58-5-74    Registered and closely held securities exempt from insider trading restrictions.

58-5-75    Brokers and market specialists exempt from insider trading restrictions.

58-5-76    Arbitrage transactions exempt from insider trading restrictions.

58-5-77    Rules and regulations on insider trading.

58-5-78    Nonliability for insider trading acts in good faith in conformity with rule or regulation.

58-5-79    Management of domestic insurers during national emergency--Continuity, means for facilitating.

58-5-80    Bylaws to cover management during national emergency.

58-5-81    Quorum of directors during national emergency--Filling vacancies in board.

58-5-82    Vice-presidents acting as directors during national emergency--Insufficient number of vice-presidents, appointment of directors by insurance director.

58-5-83    Succession to office during national emergency.

58-5-84    Principal place of business during national emergency.

58-5-85    Domestic insurers--Management and exclusive agency contracts, filing with and approval by director--Violation as misdemeanor.

58-5-86    Domestic insurer--Management and exclusive agency contracts, disapproval by director, grounds.

58-5-87    Domestic insurer--Management and exclusive agency contracts, time for disapproval by director--Disapproval in writing, statement of grounds.

58-5-88    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 252, §§ 32 to 36.

58-5-93    Location of home office and principal place of business of domestic insurers--Records maintained.

58-5-94    Assets of domestic insurer to be maintained in state--Exceptions.

58-5-95    Director's consent required for removal of records or assets from state--Unauthorized removal or concealment as felony.

58-5-96    Delinquency proceedings by director for removal or attempted removal of records or assets of domestic insurer.

58-5-97    Branch offices established by domestic insurer--Transmission of funds outside state--Deposits under custodial arrangements.

58-5-98    Prior maintenance by domestic insurer of branch or regional place of business or home office outside state not invalidated.

58-5-99    "Reciprocating state" defined.

58-5-100    Solicitation by domestic insurer in reciprocating state in which it has no license prohibited.

58-5-101    Advertising through publications and broadcasts originating outside reciprocating state not prohibited.

58-5-102    Insurance in reciprocating state under contracts issued in state in which licensed not prohibited--Policies issued as an unauthorized insurer permitted under laws of reciprocating state not prohibited.

58-5-103    Suspension or revocation of certificate of authority for violation by domestic insurer.

58-5-104    Participating policies--Issuance authorized by articles of domestic insurer--Nondiscrimination between policyholders.

58-5-105    Continued issuance of participating policies without authorization in articles.

58-5-106    Dividends on participating policies not contingent on renewal premiums.

58-5-107    Participating policyholder as member.

58-5-108    Borrowed surplus of domestic stock or mutual insurer--Agreement to repay, interest.

58-5-109    Approval of loan and agreement by director--Disapproval of proposed loan or agreement, grounds.

58-5-110    Legal liabilities of insurer on borrowed funds--Disclosure in financial statement.

58-5-111    Repayment of loan by domestic insurer.

58-5-112    Provisions as to borrowed surplus inapplicable to loans in ordinary course of business or secured by pledge or mortgage.

58-5-113    Illegal dividends--Revocation or suspension of certificate of authority.

58-5-114    Impairment of capital or surplus of domestic stock or mutual insurer--Determination of amount of deficiency by director--Notice to insurer.

58-5-115    Curing impairment of capital or surplus.

58-5-116    Assessment of stockholders to cure impairment of capital or surplus--Enforcement.

58-5-117    Levy of assessment by mutual insurer to cure deficiency.

58-5-118    Officers and directors permitting new business during impairment of capital or surplus--Liability for losses.

58-5-119    Failure to cure deficiency, insurer deemed insolvent--Delinquency proceedings.

58-5-120    Bulk reinsurance by domestic stock insurer--Agreement, filing with and approval by director.

58-5-121    Approval by director of bulk reinsurance agreement--Disapproval.

58-5-122    Compensation for promoting bulk reinsurance prohibited.

58-5-123    Bulk reinsurance by mutual insurer--Agreement, filing with and approval by director.

58-5-124    Members of domestic mutual insurer voting on bulk insurance, requirement by director--Calling of meeting, notice--Limited rights of members of life insurer to vote.

58-5-125    Bulk reinsurance by domestic mutual insurer in stock insurer--Payments to members.

58-5-126    Approval by director of bulk reinsurance by mutual insurer--Disapproval--Notice.

58-5-127    Compensation for promoting bulk reinsurance by mutual insurer.

58-5-128    Merger or consolidation of stock insurers.

58-5-129    Stock acquisition plan deemed merger--Approval required.

58-5-130    Compensation for promoting merger or consolidation of stock insurers.

58-5-131    Filing and hearing on consolidation or merger plan--Grounds for disapproval.

58-5-132    Participation by other states in hearing on merger or consolidation.

58-5-133    Disapproval of merger or consolidation--Notice to insurer.

58-5-134    Merger or consolidation of mutual insurers--Procedure.

58-5-135    Members of mutual insurer voting on merger or consolidation--Procedure--Limited right of members of life insurer.

58-5-136    Provisions applicable to mutual mergers and consolidations.

58-5-137    58-5-137. Repealed by SL 1983, ch 371, § 3

58-5-138    Conversion of mutual to stock insurer restricted.

58-5-138.1    Compensation of officer, insurance producer, or employee of converting mutual insurer prohibited.

58-5-139    Liquidation of domestic mutual insurer--Distribution of remaining assets to members.

58-5-140    Distributive share of each member on liquidation of mutual insurer--Classification of policies.

58-5-141    58-5-141, 58-5-142. Repealed by SL 1994, ch 372, §§ 1, 2

58-5-143    Disclosure of certain material transactions required--Filing a report.

58-5-144    Confidentiality of disclosure report.

58-5-145    Exception from disclosure requirement--"Material acquisition" defined.

58-5-146    Types of asset acquisitions subject to chapter.

58-5-147    Types of asset dispositions subject to chapter.

58-5-148    Information required in report of material acquisition or disposition of assets.

58-5-149    Determining whether to report acquisitions on a nonconsolidated or consolidated basis.

58-5-150    Materiality of nonrenewals, cancellations or revisions.

58-5-151    Reporting material nonrenewal, cancellation or revision.

58-5-152    Required information in reporting material nonrenewal, cancellation, or revision.

58-5-153    Determining whether to report material nonrenewals, cancellations, or revisions on a nonconsolidated or consolidated basis.

58-5-154    "Qualified education loan insurer" defined.

58-5-155    Qualified education loan insurer subject to Title 58--Exceptions.

58-5-156    Investment of funds by qualified education loan insurer--Limitations--Permitted rating categories.

58-5-157    Investment of funds in securities.

58-5-158    Subsidiary investment to be counted as admitted asset.

58-5-159    Applicability of federal Bankruptcy Code.

58-5-160    Additional exemptions or exemption authority.

58-5-161    Definitions for §§ 58-5-161 through 58-5-171.

58-5-162    Corporate governance disclosure--Requirements and limitations.

58-5-163    Submission of disclosure--Requirement.

58-5-164    Information provided with disclosure--Appropriate corporate level.

58-5-165    Duplicate information not required--Documentation.

58-5-166    Content and maintenance--Promulgation of Rules.

58-5-167    Disclosure documents and other information--Confidential and privileged--Exempt from public record--Permitted uses.

58-5-168    Disclosure documents and other materials--Testimony prohibited.

58-5-169    Disclosure documents and other materials--Information sharing and receiving.

58-5-170    Disclosure review--Expert assistance.

58-5-171    Disclosure information--Access by National Association of Insurance Commissioners--Requirements.