58-29C-1    58-29C-1 to 58-29C-43. Repealed by SL 2003, ch 252, § 20

58-29C-44    Short title.

58-29C-45    Purpose of chapter--Creation of association.

58-29C-46    Persons provided with coverage--Policies and portions of policies not covered.

58-29C-47    Construction of chapter.

58-29C-48    Definitions.

58-29C-49    Continuation of association--Membership--Function and organization--Accounts--Supervision--Meetings.

58-29C-50    Board of directors--Appointment and term--Vacancies--Compensation.

58-29C-51    Impaired or insolvent member--Actions authorized.

58-29C-52    Funding provided by assessment of members--Classification of assessments--Amounts of assessments--Abatements--Refunds.

58-29C-53    Plan of operation--Effective date--Requirements--Delegation of powers.

58-29C-54    Duties and powers of director.

58-29C-55    Detection and prevention of insurer insolvencies or impairments--Reports by board.

58-29C-56    Member assessment as offset against premium tax liability.

58-29C-57    Liability for unpaid assessment--Records of meetings--Association as creditor of impaired or insolvent insurer--Liquidation, rehabilitation, or conservation proceedings.

58-29C-58    Association subject to regulation by director--Financial report.

58-29C-59    Association's tax exemption status.

58-29C-60    No liability for performance of powers and duties of association or its members.

58-29C-61    Stay of proceedings against insolvent insurer--Default judgment set aside.

58-29C-62    Use of existence of association for sales, solicitation, or inducement to purchase insurance prohibited--Summary document of purposes and limitations of chapter--Disclaimer.