58-35-54Annual statement of affairs--Contents and filing.

The president and secretary of every insurer, on or before the first day of March of each year, shall prepare, affirm under oath, affix the corporate seal thereto, and file with the director, on forms furnished by the director, an annual statement as of December thirty-first of the preceding calendar year including:

(1)    The names of the president and secretary;

(2)    The date of the annual meeting;

(3)    The amount of insurance in force;

(4)    The number of members;

(5)    The number of assessments made during the year;

(6)    The amount paid in losses during the year;

(7)    The amount of the losses claimed and not paid, with the reason for nonpayment;

(8)    The number of members cancelled or nonrenewed during the year;

(9)    The number of new members admitted during the year;

(10)    The expenses during the year;

(11)    The amount of money on hand;

(12)    The amount and character of the insurer's assets;

(13)    The amount of the insurer's liabilities; and

(14)    Such other information as the director may require.

Source: SL 1966, ch 111, ch 17, § 21 (1); SL 2004, ch 297, § 5.