58-35-1    Application of chapter.

58-35-2    Farm mutual insurers subject to chapter.

58-35-3    "State mutual insurer" defined.

58-35-4    "County mutual insurer" defined--Continuation of prior business in noncontiguous counties.

58-35-5    Incorporators--Number and property ownership required for state mutual insurer.

58-35-6    Incorporators--Number and property ownership required for county mutual insurer.

58-35-7    Declaration of intent to incorporate, filing--Proposed articles of incorporation, execution.

58-35-8    Articles of incorporation--Contents.

58-35-9    Fee for filing articles of incorporation.

58-35-10    Articles of incorporation--Approval and endorsement by attorney general.

58-35-11    Misleading name of proposed corporation--Rejection by director.

58-35-12    58-35-12. Repealed by SL 1993, ch 369, § 4

58-35-13    Transaction of business without certificate of authority as misdemeanor.

58-35-14    Amendment of articles of incorporation.

58-35-15    Qualifications of state mutual insurer for certificate of authority.

58-35-16    Qualifications of county mutual insurer for certificate of authority.

58-35-17    Certificate of authority to insure against hail--Required qualifications to obtain.

58-35-18    Issuance of certificate of authority--Continuation--Termination.

58-35-19    Fees for certificate of authority.

58-35-20    Suspension or revocation of certificate of authority--Grounds.

58-35-21    Bylaws--Making and approval--Modification.

58-35-22    Contents of bylaws.

58-35-23    Filing of bylaws--Disapproval by director.

58-35-24    Minimum number of members.

58-35-25    Directors--Election--Term of office.

58-35-26    Qualification of directors.

58-35-27    Officers--Election--Term of office.

58-35-28    Bonds of treasurer and secretary.

58-35-29    Property insurable by farm mutual.

58-35-29.1    Living expenses and fire department service charges incidental to casualty insurance.

58-35-30    Insurance of property not owned by member or spouse prohibited--Exceptions.

58-35-31    58-35-31. Repealed by SL 1993, ch 370, § 3

58-35-32    Insurance on churches, schools, and community buildings.

58-35-32.1    Liability insurance issued by state insurers--Medical and disability benefits--Snowmobiles.

58-35-33    Withdrawal from membership--Surrender of policy for cancellation--Payment of obligations.

58-35-34    58-35-34. Repealed by SL 2004, ch 297, § 6

58-35-35    Maximum amount of insurance on single risk.

58-35-36    "Single risk" defined.

58-35-37    Cash premium or assessment plan for transacting business.

58-35-38    Cash premium plan--Collection of premiums.

58-35-39    Cash premium plan--Special assessment in case of inadequacy.

58-35-40    Assessment plan insurance--Levy of assessments before or after liability incurred--Collection of initial amount before effective date of insurance.

58-35-41    Application for insurance to be in writing--Advance cash payments.

58-35-42    Application and policy forms filed with director--Disapproval.

58-35-43    Rates--Filing with director not required--Discrimination prohibited.

58-35-44    Reinsurance.

58-35-45    Reinsurance corporation formed by insurers--Procedure.

58-35-46    Risk limitation inapplicable to organization of county mutual insurers for reinsurance purposes.

58-35-47    Investment of funds authorized.

58-35-48    Funds expended for educational purposes--Maximum amount--Statement in annual report.

58-35-49    Claim for loss--Notice in writing--Arbitration.

58-35-50    Directors' and officers' liability for failure to pay claims.

58-35-51    58-35-51 to 58-35-53. Repealed by SL 2004, ch 297, §§ 7 to 9

58-35-54    Annual statement of affairs--Contents and filing.

58-35-55    Failure to file annual statement--Suspension or revocation of certificate of authority.

58-35-56    Annual statement--Presentation at meeting of members.

58-35-57    Application of other provisions.

58-35-58    Provisions exclusive.

58-35-59    Financial reporting standards.

58-35-60    Merger of farm mutual insurers--Plan of merger.

58-35-61    Policyholders to vote on merger plan--Notice of vote.

58-35-62    Approval of plan of merger by majority of voters.

58-35-63    Execution and acknowledgment of articles of merger--Contents of articles.

58-35-64    Filing plan of merger and articles of merger--Approval by director--Reasons for denying hearing.

58-35-65    Notification of disapproval of plan.

58-35-66    Examination of articles of merger by attorney general--Submission to secretary of state.

58-35-67    Approval of articles of merger by secretary of state--Endorsement--Filing--Certificate of merger.

58-35-68    Merger effective upon issuance of certificate.

58-35-69    Surviving corporation exists separate from parties to merger.

58-35-70    Rights, privileges, immunities, and franchises of surviving or new corporation.

58-35-71    Liabilities and obligations of surviving or new corporation.

58-35-72    Articles of incorporation of surviving corporation amended by plan of merger.

58-35-73    Dissolution of farm mutual insurer.

58-35-74    Rights of dissenting members and proxy voters not applicable to mergers.

58-35-75    Division of farm mutual insurers--Plan.

58-35-76    Members to vote on plan of division.

58-35-77    Articles of division of farm mutual--Articles of incorporation--Filing--Application of chapter provisions.

58-35-78    Annual audit--Independent audit--Report--Extension.