58-37A-4Definition of terms.

Terms used in this chapter mean:

(1)    "Benefit contract," the agreement for provision of benefits authorized by § 58-37A-16, as that agreement is described in § 58-37A-19;

(2)    "Benefit member," any adult member who is designated by the laws or rules of the society to be a benefit member under a benefit contract;

(3)    "Certificate," the document issued as written evidence of the benefit contract;

(4)    "Laws," the society's articles of incorporation, constitution, and bylaws, however designated;

(5)    "Lodge," subordinate member units of the society, known as camps, courts, councils, branches, or by any other designation;

(6)    "Premiums," premiums, rates, dues, or other required contributions by whatever name known, which are payable under the certificate;

(7)    "Rules," all rules, regulations, or resolutions adopted by the supreme governing body or board of directors which are intended to have general application to the members of the society;

(8)    "Society," fraternal benefit society, unless otherwise indicated.

Source: SL 1990, ch 410, § 4.