58-37A-28Examination of domestic, foreign, and alien societies--Requirements--Responsibility for expenses--Report of examination.

The director, or any person appointed by the director, may examine any domestic, foreign, or alien society transacting or applying for admission to transact business in this state in the same manner as authorized for examination of domestic, foreign, or alien insurers. Requirements of notice and an opportunity to respond before findings are made public as provided in the laws regulating insurers are also applicable to the examination of societies.

The expense of each examination and of each valuation, including compensation and actual expense of examiners, shall be paid by the society examined or whose certificates are valued, upon statements furnished by the director.

A summary of the report of the director and the recommendations or statements of the director that accompany the report, shall be read at the first meeting of the board of directors or corresponding body of the society following their receipt, and if directed by the director, shall also be read at the first meeting of the supreme legislative or governing body of the society following their receipt. A copy of the report, recommendations, and statements of the director shall be furnished by the society to each member of the board of directors or other governing body.

Source: SL 1990, ch 410, § 28.