58-39-9Care provided by noncontracting dentist--Contracting dentist unavailable.

If at any time that the subscriber or certificate holder is entitled to dental service no dentist is available or in case of emergency or expediency, the dental service corporation shall provide such care by dentists who have not contracted with such corporation to such extent as the subscriber or certificate holder is entitled to under his certificate, and at the same rate and for the same fees as is provided for care by noncontracting dentists, but not to exceed the limitation provided for in the certificate. If there is no contracting dentist acceptable to the subscriber, said corporation shall pay the subscriber for care provided by a dentist of the subscriber's own choosing who has not contracted with the corporation to the extent and in such amounts as are provided by the contract for dental care.

Source: SL 1966, ch 111, ch 30, § 5.