58-41-12Determination of health care qualifications.

The director shall determine whether the applicant for a certificate of authority has:

(1)    Demonstrated the willingness and potential ability to assure that health care services will be provided in a manner to assure both the availability and accessibility of adequate personnel and facilities consistent with the requirements of chapter 58-17F;

(2)    Arrangements, established in accordance with regulations promulgated by the director for an ongoing quality of health care assurance program consistent with the requirements of chapter 58-17F, concerning health care processes and outcomes;

(3)    A procedure, established in accordance with rules promulgated pursuant to chapter 1-26 by the director, to develop, compile, evaluate, and report statistics relating to the cost of its operations, the pattern of utilization of its services, the availability and accessibility of its services, and such other matters as may be reasonably required by the director; and

(4)    Reasonable provisions for emergency and out-of-area health care services.

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