58-41-35Contents required in evidence of coverage.

An evidence of coverage shall contain a clear, concise, and complete statement of:

(1)    The health care services and the insurance or other benefits, if any, to which the enrollee is entitled under the health care plan;

(2)    Any exclusions or limitations on the services, kind of services, benefits, or kind of benefits, to be provided, including any deductible or copayment feature;

(3)    Where and in what manner information is available as to how service, including emergency and out-of-area services, may be obtained;

(4)    The total amount of payment and copayment if any, for health care services and the indemnity or service benefits, if any, which the enrollee is obligated to pay with respect to individual contracts, or an indication whether the plan is contributory or noncontributory with respect to group certificates; and

(5)    A description of the health maintenance organization's method for resolving enrollee complaints.

Source: SL 1974, ch 321, § 19 (2).