58-41-55Insurance contracts authorized--Group coverage--Benefit payments.

Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, an insurer or a hospital or medical service corporation may contract with a health maintenance organization to provide insurance or similar protection against the cost of care provided through health maintenance organizations and to provide coverage in the event of the failure of the health maintenance organization to meet its obligations. The enrollees of a health maintenance organization constitute a permissible group for group coverage under the insurance laws and the health service plan corporation laws of this state. Under such contracts, the insurer or health service plan corporation may make benefit payments to health maintenance organizations for health care services rendered, or to be rendered, by providers pursuant to the health care plan. Any insurer, or health service plan corporation, licensed to do business in this state, is authorized to provide the types of coverages described in § 58-41-54.

Source: SL 1974, ch 321, § 35.