58-41-63General annual report required--Form and contents.

Every health maintenance organization shall annually, on or before March first, file a report verified by at least two principal officers with the director, covering the preceding calendar year. Such report shall be on forms prescribed by the director and shall include:

(1)    A financial statement of the organization, including its balance sheet and receipts and disbursements for the preceding year certified by an independent certified public accountant licensed by an appropriate jurisdiction, reflecting at least:

(a)    Prepayment and other payments received for health care services rendered;

(b)    Expenditures to all providers, by classes or groups of providers, and insurance companies or nonprofit health service plan corporations engaged to fulfill obligations arising out of the health maintenance contract; and

(c)    Expenditures for capital improvements, or additions thereto, including but not limited to construction, renovation or purchase of facilities and capital equipment;

(2)    Any material changes in the information submitted pursuant to §§ 58-41-6 to 58-41-9, inclusive;

(3)    The number of new enrollees enrolled during the year, the number of enrollees as of the end of the year and the number of enrollees terminated during the year;

(4)    A summary of information compiled pursuant to subdivision 58-41-12(3) on such form as may be required by the director;

(5)    A report of the names and residence addresses of all persons set forth in subdivision 58-41-6(3), who were associated with the health maintenance organization during the preceding year, and the amount of wages, expense reimbursements, or other payments to such individuals for services to the health maintenance organization, including a full disclosure of all financial arrangements during the preceding year required to be disclosed pursuant to subdivision 58-41-6(3); and

(6)    Such other information relating to the performance of the health maintenance organization as is reasonably necessary to enable the director to carry out his duties under this chapter.

Source: SL 1974, ch 321, § 24; SL 2013, ch 256, § 17.