58-43-8Explanation of disagreements between insurer and accountant--Letters from both insurer and accountant to director.

The disagreements required in § 58-43-7 to be reported include both those resolved to the former accountant's satisfaction and those not resolved to the former accountant's satisfaction. Disagreements contemplated by this section are those that occur at the decision-making level, such as, between personnel of the insurer responsible for presentation of its financial statements and personnel of the accounting firm responsible for rendering its report. The insurer shall request in writing the former accountant to furnish a letter addressed to the insurer stating whether the accountant agrees with the statements contained in the insurer's letter and, if not, stating the reasons for which he does not agree. The insurer shall furnish the responsive letter from the former accountant to the director together with its own. The accountant shall also furnish a copy of the responsive letter to the director.

Source: SL 1992, ch 357, § 8.