58-43-19Availability of workpapers and communications related to audit between insurer and accountant--Confidentiality of documents.

The insurer and the accountant shall make available for review by the division or its examiners, all workpapers prepared in the conduct of his audit and any communications related to the audit between the accountant and the insurer, at the offices of the insurer, at the division or at any other reasonable place designated by the director. The accountant shall retain the audit workpapers and communications until the division has filed a report on examination covering the period of the audit but no longer than seven years from the date of the audit report.

In the conduct of the division's review, the division may copy any audit workpapers and may retain them. The reviews by the division examiners shall be considered investigations and all working papers and communications obtained during the course of the investigations shall be afforded the same confidentiality as other examination workpapers generated by the division under chapter 58-3.

Source: SL 1992, ch 357, § 19.