60-9A-7Investigation of bargaining unit questions--Election by employees--Waiting period before reconsideration.

When a question concerning the collective bargaining unit of employees is raised by an employer, or an employee or the representative of either of them, the department shall investigate such question and certify to the parties in writing, the name or names of the collective bargaining units that have been designated or selected. The filing of a petition for the investigation or certification of a collective bargaining unit of employees by any of the parties shall constitute a question within the meaning of this section. In any such investigation, the department may provide for an appropriate hearing and shall take a secret ballot of employees to determine the collective bargaining unit for the purposes of formal recognition. If the department has certified a formally recognized collective bargaining unit of employees, it shall not be required to consider the matter again for a period of one year unless it appears that sufficient reason exists therefor.

Source: SL 1974, ch 323, § 7.