60-11-17Department to investigate and prosecute violations--Hearings--Access to employer's records.

The Department of Labor and Regulation shall ensure compliance with the provisions of this chapter, investigate any violations of §§ 60-11-8 to 60-11-23, inclusive, and institute or cause to be instituted actions for penalties and forfeitures provided thereunder. The department may hold hearings to satisfy itself as to the justice of any claim, and the department shall cooperate with any employee in the enforcement of a claim against the employer in any case whenever, in its opinion, the claim is valid. The department may enter places of employment for the purpose of inspecting records and seeing that all provisions of §§ 60-11-8 to 60-11-23, inclusive, are complied with.

Source: SL 1971, ch 274, § 7; SL 2008, ch 276, § 86; SL 2011, ch 1 (Ex. Ord. 11-1), § 33, eff. Apr. 12, 2011.