60-12-3Prohibited employment or exploitation of minors--Separate age limit for pumping fuel--Misdemeanor--Employment by parents excepted--License, permit, or certificate for agricultural employment.

No child under sixteen years of age may be employed at any time in any occupation dangerous to life, health, or morals, nor may any child be in any manner exploited by any employer. However, it is permissible to employ children over fourteen years of age to dispense gasoline, gasohol, diesel fuel, and oil at gasoline service establishments. Violation of this section is a Class 2 misdemeanor. This section does not apply to minors employed by their parents or to minors who have successfully completed a safety course and received a license, permit, or certificate from a state or federal agency to operate agricultural equipment or otherwise to be employed in any occupation in an agricultural occupation within the scope of the license, permit, or certificate.

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