60-14-5Employment contract between prospective employer and nanny applicant.

Any employment contract between a prospective employer and an applicant executed as a result of services obtained through a nanny agency shall include:

(1)    The term of employment;

(2)    The specific child care and housekeeping duties required of the nanny;

(3)    Any special care requirements of the child;

(4)    Any special qualifications required of the nanny;

(5)    The regular working hours of the nanny and any overtime work expected;

(6)    Compensation, including room and board if provided, for regular and overtime work and provisions for payment of compensation;

(7)    Provisions for time off and for sick and vacation leave;

(8)    Provisions for transportation while the nanny is employed and responsibility for transportation costs between the homes of the nanny and the employer;

(9)    A description of lodging arrangements for the nanny; and

(10)    Any other financial or working provisions agreed upon.

Copies of the contract shall be provided to both parties.

The prospective employer and the applicant shall provide to each other the names, addresses and telephone numbers of three references before the contract is signed.

Source: SL 1991, ch 412, § 5.