61-2-7.1Reemployment assistance advisory council--Composition and appointment--Functions--Meetings--Reports.

The Governor shall appoint from a list submitted by the department a state reemployment assistance advisory council, composed of men and women, including an equal number of employer representatives and employee representatives who may fairly be regarded as representative because of their vocation, employment, or affiliations, and of any members representing the general public as the department may designate. The council shall aid the department in reviewing the reemployment assistance program as to the program's content, adequacy and effectiveness and to make recommendations for its improvement. The advisory council shall meet as frequently as the department determines is necessary, but not less than twice each year. The advisory council shall make reports of its meetings which shall include a record of its discussions and its recommendations. The department shall make the reports available to any interested persons or groups.

Source: SL 1971, ch 276, § 20; SL 2019, ch 216, § 7.