61-3-24Employment security administration fund created--Moneys paid into fund--Purposes for which used.

There is created in the state treasury a special fund to be known as the employment security administration fund. Moneys which are deposited or paid into this fund are continuously available to the Department of Labor and Regulation for expenditure in accordance with the provisions of this title, and may not lapse at any time or be transferred to any other fund. All moneys in this fund which are received from the federal government or any agency thereof shall be expended solely for the purposes and in the amounts found necessary by the United States secretary of labor for the proper and efficient administration of this title. The fund shall consist of all moneys received from the United States of America, or any agency thereof, including the United States secretary of labor, and all moneys received from any other source for such purpose and shall include also any moneys received from the railroad retirement board as compensation for services or facilities supplied to said board, any amounts paid pursuant to any surety bond or insurance policy or from other sources for losses sustained by the employment security administration fund or by reason of damage to equipment or supplies purchased from moneys in such fund, and any proceeds realized from the sale or disposition of any such equipment or supplies which may no longer be necessary for the proper administration of this title.

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