61-5-61Book maintained by register of deeds--Contents of lien entry--Endorsement and recording of notice--Exemption from fees.

The register of deeds of each county shall prepare and keep in the register of deed's office a suitable book so ruled as to show in appropriate columns the following data under the name of the employers arranged alphabetically:

(1)    The name of the employer;

(2)    The name of the Department of Labor and Regulation as lien claimant;

(3)    Time notice of lien was received;

(4)    Date of notice;

(5)    Amount of lien then due;

(6)    When satisfied.

The register of deeds shall endorse on each notice of lien filed pursuant to § 61-5-60 the date, hour and minute when received, index that notice in the index book, and record the lien in the manner for recording real estate mortgages. The lien is effective from the time of the filing.

The filing and recording of such liens and satisfactions shall be done without cost to the state. However, the register of deeds may destroy any record which the records destruction board, acting pursuant to § 1-27-19, declares to have no further administrative, legal, fiscal, research, or historical value.

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