61-5A-28Periodic billing for payments in lieu of contributions based on payroll--Percentages applied.

At the end of each calendar quarter, or at the end of such other period as determined by the department, the department shall bill each nonprofit organization for an amount representing one of the following:

(1)    For 1972, two-tenths of one percent of its total payroll for 1971 on a prorated basis;

(2)    For years after 1972, such percentage of its total payroll for the immediately preceding calendar year as the department shall determine. Such determination shall be based each year on the average benefit costs attributable to service in the employ of nonprofit organizations during the preceding calendar year;

(3)    For any organization which did not pay wages throughout the four calendar quarters of the preceding calendar year, such percentage of its payroll during such year as the department shall determine.

Source: SL 1971, ch 276, § 60.