61-6-24Benefits based on employment by state or instrumentalities or by religious, charitable, or educational organization--Exception.

Benefits based on service in employment defined in §§ 61-1-13 and 61-1-15 shall be payable in the same amount, on the same terms and subject to the same conditions as benefits payable on the basis of other service subject to this chapter. However, with respect to service performed in an instructional, research, or principal administrative capacity for an educational institution, no benefits may be paid based on the services for any week of unemployment commencing during the period between two successive academic years, or during a similar period between two regular but not successive terms or during a period of paid sabbatical leave provided for in the individual's contract, to any individual if the individual performs the services in the first of the academic years or terms and if there is a contract or a reasonable assurance that the individual will perform services in any such capacity for any educational institution in the second of the academic years or terms.

Source: SL 1977, ch 420, § 31; SL 2008, ch 277, § 108; SDCL § 61-6-1.2; SL 2012, ch 252, § 59.