62-1-4.1. Elementary, secondary and technical college students not employees--Exception for work in vocational education.

Notwithstanding the provisions of § 62-1-5.1, students of elementary, secondary, and technical colleges are not employees within the meaning of this title. However, a school district or technical college, which provides a work experience educational class conducted off the school premises as a part of its vocational education program is the employer of those students who are receiving this training and experience and the students are school employees for the purposes of this title unless they are being paid a cash wage or salary by a private employer, or the person or firm providing the students the work experience elects to include them, by written agreement, in its workers' compensation insurance coverage.

Source: SL 1973, ch 314; SL 1982, ch 374; SL 2020, ch 61, § 55.