62-1-1    Definition of terms.

62-1-1.1    Medical practitioner defined.

62-1-1.2    Determining impairment.

62-1-1.3    Presumption that claims denied by employer are nonwork related for other insurance purposes--Reimbursement for compensable injuries.

62-1-2    Employer defined.

62-1-3    Employee defined.

62-1-4    Municipal and county officers--Inclusion within definition of employee.

62-1-4.1    Elementary, secondary and technical college students not employees--Exception for work in vocational education.

62-1-5    Fire department, ambulance service, and rescue squad volunteers--Employees of county, municipality, special purpose district, or township--Imputed wage.

62-1-5.1    Volunteers serving state or political subdivision without pay--Computing or imputing wage--Certain persons not deemed volunteers.

62-1-5.2    Requirements for volunteer firefighters to become eligible for workers' compensation--Amount of benefits--Limitation on eligibility.

62-1-6    Conservation officers acting as law enforcement officers.

62-1-7    Executive officers as employees of corporations--Exception as to nonprofit corporations.

62-1-8    Nonprofit corporation complying with title--Executive officer as employee.

62-1-9    Citation of title.

62-1-10    Owner-operator of certain vehicles as independent contractor.

62-1-11    Requirements for owner-operator of vehicle for certification as independent contractor.

62-1-12    Issuance of certificate of independent contractor status to owner-operator of certain vehicles.

62-1-13    Election of owner-operator of certain vehicles to participate in workers' compensation system as sole proprietor.

62-1-14    Promulgation of rules.

62-1-15    Evidence of injury supported by medical findings.

62-1-16    Employer civilly liable for retaliatory termination of employee--Burden of proof.

62-1-17    Discrimination in hiring based upon preexisting injury prohibited.

62-1-18    Current employer liable for costs and compensation of subsequent compensable injury.

62-1-19    Independent contractor affidavit of exempt status--Rebuttable presumption.

62-1-20    Contents of affidavit of exempt status.

62-1-21    Providing false information on affidavit of exempt status as misdemeanor.

62-1-22    Acceptance of affidavit of exempt status not required.

62-1-23    Wheeler v. Cinna Bakers LLC regarding aggregation of wages abrogated.

62-1-24    Effect of concurrent employment on calculation of earnings for claims before May 6, 2015.

62-1-25    Effect of concurrent employment on calculation of average weekly wage for claims after May 5, 2015.