62-6-7Demand for employee's work-related records--Production of records--Employee waiver of right to privacy.

An employer which complies with this title shall produce, if demanded by any employer or insurer against whom an injured employee has made a workers' compensation claim, the work-related records referring to its employee available for the fifty-two weeks preceding the employee's claimed dates of injury, such as:

(1)    The weeks in which the employee performed services;

(2)    The earnings the employee received for the services, as defined in subdivision 62-1-1(6);

(3)    Interruptions in employment if the employee was rehired or seasonally employed;

(4)    Changes in the employee's grade of employment;

(5)    The employee's job description; and

(6)    Federal or state tax deductions.

The employer receiving this demand shall produce the employee's work-related records in ten business days, and may charge a fee for the production of the records. The fee for the production of the employee's work-related records may not exceed fifteen dollars.

An employee waives any right to privacy to these work-related records when the employee makes a claim for workers' compensation benefits and the employee consents to the release of these work-related records to the employer or insurer against which the employee is making a claim for workers' compensation benefits.

Source: SL 2016, ch 236, § 5.