62-7-1Compulsory medical examination of employee at request of employer.

An employee entitled to receive disability payments shall, if requested by the employer, submit himself or herself at the expense of the employer for examination to a duly qualified medical practitioner or surgeon selected by the employer, at a time and place reasonably convenient for the employee, as soon as practicable after the injury, and also one week after the first examination, and thereafter at intervals not oftener than once every four weeks. The examination shall be for the purpose of determining the nature, extent, and probable duration of the injury received by the employee, and for the purpose of ascertaining the amount of compensation which may be due the employee from time to time for disability according to the provisions of this title.

Source: SL 1917, ch 376, § 28; RC 1919, § 9463; SDC 1939, § 64.0508; SL 2008, ch 278, § 42.