62-7-8Fees for health services subject to approval--Excessive fees or services.

Except as otherwise provided, fees for health services, including hospital services, depositions, and reproduction of medical and hospital information, under this title are subject to approval of the department. The department shall, by rule promulgated pursuant to chapter 1-26, establish standards and procedures for determining if charges for health services, including hospital services are excessive and for determining if a provider of health services is performing procedures or providing services at a level or with a frequency that is excessive. The department shall consult with the examining boards of all providers in establishing such standards and procedures. For services rendered by an out-of-state provider, any fee that exceeds the maximum allowed by the fee schedule of the state where service was provided is deemed excessive. No provider of health services, including hospital services, may enforce any judgment against, or collect or attempt to collect from, the employee, the employer, or the employer's insurer any amount in excess of the amount established by the applicable fee schedule or approved under the provisions of this section.

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