62-8-6Employers and workers subject to chapter--Security for compensation--Right to compensation as exclusive remedy.

Every employer of workers subject to the workers' compensation law is subject to the provisions of this chapter and shall secure the payment of compensation in accordance with the provisions of this chapter by any method prescribed by the workers' compensation law at the time in effect in this state. If the foregoing requirement is complied with, the liability of the employer under this chapter is exclusive and in place of any other civil liability, at common law or otherwise to such employee, or to the employee's spouse, children, parents, dependents, next of kin, personal representatives, guardian, conservator, or any others on account of any disease or injury to health, or on account of death from any disease or injury to health in any way contracted, sustained, aggravated, or incurred by the employee in the course of, or because of, or arising out of employment, except only an injury compensable as an injury by accident under the provisions of the workers' compensation law.

Source: SDC 1939, § 64.0803 as enacted by SL 1947, ch 426; SL 1971, ch 286, § 3; SL 1993, ch 213, § 264; SL 2008, ch 278, § 54.