41-6-85 . Habitat stamp--Fee--Requirements--Promulgation of rules--Violation as misdemeanor.

Except as provided in §  41-6-10.2 , a person eighteen years of age or older shall purchase a habitat stamp when applying for or purchasing a hunting or fishing license. The fee for the habitat stamp shall be ten dollars for residents and twenty-five dollars for nonresidents. A person is not required to purchase more than one habitat stamp within a license period as provided by the applicable license and rules promulgated by the commission under chapter 1-26 . Any person required to possess a hunting or fishing license may not fish and hunt, or trap without a stamp validation. A purchase of the habitat stamp is not required for the one-day hunting or fishing license, youth hunting license, private shooting preserve license, hunt for habitat application fee, or landowner hunting license. A violation of this section is a Class 2 misdemeanor.

Source: SL 2020, ch 185, § 1.