3-13C-8 . Normal retirement date--Determination.

For purposes of this chapter, normal retirement date is the earliest first day of the month on or after the earliest of the date the employee:

(1) Attains age sixty-five;

(2) Attains age sixty-two and has completed ten years of credited service;

(3) Attains age sixty and has completed twenty years of credited service; or

(4) Attains age fifty-five and has completed thirty years of credited service.

For purposes of determining the normal retirement date, credited service does not include unused accumulated annual or sick leave. The normal retirement date shall be the date the employee's retirement benefit begins if the employee has ceased to be an employee on that date and the retirement benefit has not already begun. Unless otherwise provided in this plan, a participant's retirement benefits shall begin on the participant's normal retirement date if the participant has had a severance from employment on that date.

Source: SL 2020, ch 13, ยง 15.