3-13C-2 . Actuarial equivalent--Distribution expected--Determination of amount.

For purposes of this chapter, actuarial equivalent means equality in the value of the aggregate amount expected to be received for benefits payable at different times or under different forms of distributions. For purposes of determining the amount of a distribution other than an annual benefit nondecreasing for the life of the participant or, in the case of a preretirement survivor annuity, the life of the participant’s spouse; or that decreases during the life of the participant merely because of the death of the surviving contingent participant, but only if the reduction is to a level not below fifty percent of the annual benefit payable before the death of the surviving contingent participant, or because of the cessation or reduction of Social Security supplements or qualified disability payments, actuarial equivalent shall be determined on the basis of the interest on thirty-year United States Treasury securities for the look-back month for the stability period and the 1994 Group Annuity Reserve Mortality Table. The look-back month applicable to the stability period is the second calendar month preceding the first day of the stability period. The stability period is the successive period of one calendar month containing the annuity starting date for the distribution, and for which the interest rate remains constant.

For purposes of determining benefits not described in the preceding paragraph, actuarial equivalent for benefits shall be determined on the basis of seven and one-half percent interest and the 1983 Group Annuity Mortality Table as set forth in Revenue Ruling 95-6, 1995-1 C.B. 80.

Source: SL 2020, ch 13, § 9.