36-32-85 . Violation of chapter--Sanctions.

If the board finds that a person, entity, licensee, or permit holder has engaged in any unprofessional or dishonorable conduct, as described in §  36-32-83 , or violated any provision of this chapter or any rule promulgated under this chapter, the board may:

(1) Revoke a license or permit for an indefinite period;

(2) Suspend a license or permit for a specific or an indefinite period;

(3) Place a limit or a condition on a license or permit;

(4) Issue a censure or a letter of reprimand;

(5) Place a licensee or permit holder on probationary status and require that the licensee or permit holder report regularly to the board on the matters that are the basis for probation, limit the licensee's or permit holder's practice to areas prescribed by the board, and require professional education until a satisfactory degree of skill has been attained in those areas that are the basis of the probation. The board may withdraw the probation if the board finds the deficiencies that required disciplinary action have been remedied;

(6) Impose any other sanction that the board determines is appropriate;

(7) Impose a fee to reimburse the board in an amount equal to some or all of the costs incurred for the investigation and proceedings resulting in disciplinary action, or for the issuance of a cease and desist order; or

(8) Deny an application for a license or permit.

Source: SL 2020, ch 165, § 39.