36-33-58. Complaints--Investigation--Dismissal--Hearing--Appeal.

The board shall receive complaints regarding the enforcement of the provisions of this chapter pursuant to the procedures set forth in chapter 36-1C. A record of each complaint shall be maintained by the board.

Notwithstanding chapter 36-1C, the investigator, if a member of the board, may dismiss a complaint if it appears to the member, in consultation with the board president, that no violation has been committed. If the investigator is an agent or an appointee of the board, dismissal of the complaint may only be made by the board president. Any disposition agreed upon between the investigator and the licensee or permit holder shall be made known to and approved by the board.

Any disciplinary proceeding shall be conducted in accordance with chapter 1-26. Any decision of the board entered in a contested proceeding may be appealed to the circuit court within thirty days. A license or permit shall remain in effect during the pendency of an appeal unless suspended under § 36-33-64.

Source: SL 2020, ch 166, § 25; SL 2021, ch 168, § 43.