23-3-18.5 . Missing persons clearinghouse--Administration--Requirements.

To administer the missing persons clearinghouse, the Division of Criminal Investigation shall:

(1) Collect, process, maintain, and disseminate information about missing persons in this state through a hard copy or an electronic means;

(2) Develop training programs for law enforcement agencies concerning the appropriate procedures to report missing persons to the clearinghouse;

(3) Cooperate with other states and the National Crime Information Center in the exchange of information on missing persons;

(4) Maintain an internet web site accessible to law enforcement agencies and to the public with information on missing persons and with information about the resources available through the clearinghouse. The web site may contain information on missing persons including names, photographs, or other images, if available; descriptions of missing persons; the law enforcement agencies or persons to contact with information regarding missing persons; and the names of persons reported missing whose locations have been determined and confirmed. Nothing in this subdivision prevents the Division of Criminal Investigation from establishing a separate link accessible only to law enforcement agencies for the dissemination and collection of sensitive information as determined by the Division of Criminal Investigation;

(5) Maintain a registry of prevention and education materials and programs regarding missing and runaway minors through hard copy or electronic means; and

(6) Compile statistics relating to the incidence of missing persons within this state.

Source: SL 2020, ch 90, ยง 3.