1-16A-2.2 . Out-of-state participating health institution--Eligibility for financing.

To be eligible for financing under this chapter, any participating health institution located outside of this state shall, at the time of issuance:

(1) Be financing or refinancing health facilities located within the United States;

(2) Control, be controlled by, or be under common control with, a health institution located within this state; and

(3) Be engaged, by itself or through an affiliate located within this state, in a financing or refinancing on behalf of a health institution located within this state.

In connection with such a financing or refinancing of any such health facilities, the authority shall find that the financing or refinancing would promote the economy of this state and the access of the people of this state to adequate and affordable health care within this and other states, all for the benefit of the health, welfare, safety, trade, commerce, industry, economy, and living conditions of the people of this state by creating employment opportunities in this state or the lowering of the cost of accessing health care or reducing the cost of financing, refinancing, or operating such health facilities and such out-of-state health facilities owned, operated, leased, or managed by, or otherwise affiliated with, a health institution located within this state.

For purposes of this section, the authority's findings must be deemed conclusive.

Source: SL 2020, ch 2, ยง 3.