34-20G-88Permitted disclosure of data maintained by department.

Data kept or maintained by the department may be disclosed solely for:

(1)    The verification of a registration certificate or registry identification card pursuant to this chapter;

(2)    Submission of the annual report required by this chapter;

(3)    Notification of state or local law enforcement of an apparent criminal violation of this chapter;

(4)    Notification of state and local law enforcement about falsified or fraudulent information submitted for the purpose of obtaining or renewing a registry identification card; or

(5)    Notification of the South Dakota Board of Medical and Osteopathic Examiners if there is reason to believe that a practitioner provided a written certification and the department has reason to believe the practitioner otherwise violated the standard of care for evaluating a medical condition.

Source: Initiated Measure No. 26, approved Nov. 3, 2020, eff. Jul. 1, 2021.