58-14-16.26. Documents that must be provided to the division.

An assuming insurer under § 58-14-16.23 or its legal successor shall provide, if requested by the director, on behalf of itself and any legal predecessors, the following documentation to the director:

(1)    For the two years preceding entry into the reinsurance agreement and on an annual basis thereafter, the assuming insurer's annual audited financial statements in accordance with the applicable law of the jurisdiction of its head office or domiciliary jurisdiction, including the external audit report;

(2)    For the two years preceding entry into the reinsurance agreement, the solvency and financial condition report or actuarial opinion, if filed with the assuming insurer's supervisor; and

(3)    Prior to entry into the reinsurance agreement and not more than semiannually thereafter:

(a)    An updated list of all disputed and overdue reinsurance claims that are outstanding for ninety days or more regarding reinsurance assumed from ceding insurers domiciled in the United States; and

(b)    Information regarding the assuming insurer's assumed reinsurance by ceding insurer, ceded reinsurance by the assuming insurer, and reinsurance recoverable on paid and unpaid losses by the assuming insurer to allow for the evaluation of the criteria set forth in § 58-14-16.27.

Source: SL 2021, ch 211, § 4.