58-14-16.28. List or reciprocal jurisdictions to be published.

The director shall timely create and publish a list of reciprocal jurisdictions that includes any reciprocal jurisdiction as defined under this chapter. A list of reciprocal jurisdictions is published by the NAIC and the director shall consider any other reciprocal jurisdiction included on the list. The director may approve a jurisdiction that does not appear on the list of reciprocal jurisdictions in accordance with criteria provided in this chapter.

The director may remove a jurisdiction from the list of reciprocal jurisdictions upon a determination that the jurisdiction no longer meets one or more of the requirements of a reciprocal jurisdiction in accordance with § 58-14-16.23. However, the director may not remove from the list a reciprocal jurisdiction as under subdivisions 58-14-16.23(1) and (2). Upon removal of a reciprocal jurisdiction from this list, credit for reinsurance ceded to an assuming insurer that has its home office or is domiciled in that jurisdiction is allowed if otherwise allowed pursuant to this chapter.

Source: SL 2021, ch 211, § 6.