58-48-5. Application for waiver--Persons excluded from waiver application.

An applicant shall submit an application in the form and manner prescribed by the director that:

(1)    Identifies the person applying for the waiver;

(2)    Contains relevant personal and contact information for the applicant, including legal names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, website addresses, and other information required by the director;

(3)    Demonstrates the applicant is subject to the jurisdiction of the state;

(4)    Demonstrates the applicant has established a physical or virtual location that is adequately accessible to the division, from which testing will be developed and performed and where all required records, documents, and data will be maintained;

(5)    Discloses criminal convictions of the applicant and all participating personnel;

(6)    Demonstrates that the applicant has the necessary personnel, financial and technical expertise, access to capital, and developed plan to test, monitor, and assess the innovative insurance product or service;

(7)    Describes the innovative insurance product or service to be offered if the waiver is granted, including how the product or service functions, how the innovative insurance product or service is different from other insurance products or services available in the state, and the manner and terms on which it will be offered, including copies of any contracts to be tested;

(8)    Identifies state laws, regulations, licensing, and other requirements in title 58 that prohibit the introduction, sale, or offering of the innovative insurance product or service that the applicant is seeking to have waived for testing;

(9)    Explains the potential benefits to consumers of the innovative insurance product or service;

(10)    Explains the potential risks to consumers posed by the product or service and how the applicant proposes to mitigate such risks, including all proposed consumer disclosures;

(11)    Explains how participating in the insurance innovation waiver would enable a successful test of the innovative insurance product or service with narratives for proposed beginning operations, ongoing operations, and the proposed process regarding waiver termination, including plans to obtain necessary licensure or authorizations after the waiver is terminated;

(12)    Explains how the applicant will terminate the waiver and protect consumers if the test fails, including providing evidence of sufficient liability coverage and financial reserves to protect consumers and to protect against insolvency of the applicant; and

(13)    Includes a nonrefundable application fee of two thousand dollars that may be reduced or eliminated by the director if the applicant holds a license issued by the division.

The director may not grant a waiver to an applicant or any other person who has been convicted, entered a plea of nolo contendere, or entered a plea of guilty or nolo contendere held in abeyance, for a crime involving theft, fraud, or dishonesty that bears a substantial relationship to the applicant's or participant's ability to safely or competently administer an innovative insurance product or service.

Source: SL 2021, ch 214, § 5.