58-48-7. Grant or denial of waiver--Duration of waiver--Waiver deemed authority to act.

The director shall grant or deny a waiver within ninety days after the director determines the applicant's waiver application to be complete. The director and the applicant may mutually agree to extend the ninety-day period. The director may deny a waiver application at the director's discretion based on the division's analysis of the application. The director's discretionary decision to grant or deny a waiver is not appealable and not subject to chapter 1-26. The director may grant a waiver for a period that may not exceed twenty-four months. A participant receiving a waiver has appropriate authority under the laws of this state to act for the purposes of any provision of federal law requiring state licensure or authorization and is not subject to chapter 58-8 for acts taken in compliance with a waiver.

Source: SL 2021, ch 214, ยง 7.