58-48-8. Conditions on innovation waiver.

An insurance innovation waiver shall be issued by the director in writing that limits the number of consumers in this state that may purchase or utilize the underlying insurance product or service to no more than twenty thousand consumers and specifies any terms, conditions, and limitations that the director considers appropriate, including:

(1)    Limits on the amount of premium that may be written in relation to the innovative product or service;

(2)    Liability coverage requirements and minimum financial reserve requirements that the applicant must meet during the testing of the innovative insurance product or service; and

(3)    Regular or additional reporting on any aspect of the innovative insurance product or service during the test, including financial results and consumer information.

Conditions issued under this section do not restrict a person who holds a license or authorization in another jurisdiction from acting in accordance with that license or authorization in that jurisdiction.

Source: SL 2021, ch 214, § 8.