34-23B-7. Definitions.

Terms used in §§ 34-23B-8 and 34-23B-9 mean:

(1)    "Lethal fetal anomaly," a condition that is diagnosed before the child's birth and will, with reasonable medical certainty, result in the child's death within three months from the date of birth; and

(2)    "Perinatal hospice," the provision of:

(a)    Comprehensive, supportive care to a pregnant mother and her family, beginning with the diagnosis of a lethal fetal anomaly and continuing through the birth and resultant death of the child; and

(b)    Counseling and medical care by maternal-fetal medical specialists, obstetricians, neonatologists, anesthesia specialists, specialty nurses, clergy, social workers, and others who are focused on alleviating fear and ensuring that the mother and her family experience the life and death of the child in a comfortable and supportive environment.

Source: SL 2021, ch 152, § 1.