58-17K-4. Cost-sharing information disclosed--Paper or other method on request--Limit on providers per request.

An enrollee may request, in accordance with § 58-17K-3, the required cost-sharing information be provided in a paper form. In responding to such a request, a health insurer may limit the number of providers to no fewer than twenty providers per request. A health insurer shall disclose the applicable provider-per-request limit to the enrollee, provide the cost-sharing information in paper form, and mail the cost-sharing information no later than two business days after receiving a request without a subscription or other fee.

An enrollee may request to receive cost-sharing information through other methods, including phone or e-mail, as long as the enrollee agrees to the disclosure method and the required cost-sharing information request is fulfilled at least as rapidly as required by the paper method.

Source: SL 2021, ch 213, § 4.