1-26-2.3. Housing cost impact statement--Content.

Before an agency may promulgate any rule prescribing new standards or requirements for building or remodeling a residential structure that is based on a model code developed by a national or international organization of trade professionals, including standards for electrical, plumbing or mechanical systems, energy conservation, or fire prevention, the agency shall prepare a housing cost impact statement setting forth the need for each new standard or requirement and the estimated cost, per dwelling unit, of compliance. To determine the estimated cost of compliance, the agency shall obtain from three licensed contractors, or other applicable building trades professionals operating in this state an estimate of the total cost to consumer of all materials, labor and taxes necessary to comply with the proposed new standard or requirement. The agency shall use the average of these estimates in preparing the impact statement. For purposes of this section, residential structure, means any one-family dwelling, two-family dwelling, or townhouse not more than three stories above grade.

Source: SL 2021, ch 10, ยง 1.