23A-49-22. Seized property--Searchable website or spreadsheet.

The attorney general shall establish and maintain a searchable public website or electronic spreadsheet that includes the following information about each property seized and forfeited:

(1)    Name of the law enforcement agency that seized the property or, if seized by a multijurisdictional state task force, the name of the lead state agency;

(2)    Forfeiture case file number;

(3)    County;

(4)    Arresting agency;

(5)    Seizure date;

(6)    Location of the seizure, whether a residence, business, event, or traffic stop;

(7)    If a traffic stop on an interstate, the direction of the traffic flow, whether eastbound, westbound, southbound or northbound;

(8)    Type and amount of controlled substance;

(9)    Original criminal charge;

(10)    Final criminal charge;

(11)    Date of summons and complaint filed;

(12)    Date of summons and complaint served or last date of publication;

(13)    Whether the defendant or property owner defaulted on the forfeiture complaint, and if no default occurred, the date of civil answer filed by the defendant or property owner;

(14)    Whether an innocent-owner claimant or creditor moved to regain the property;

(15)    Date of default civil judgment;

(16)    Date of summary judgment;

(17)    Date of civil dismissal;

(18)    Date of order of civil forfeiture;

(19)    Dollar amount of seized currency;

(20)    Description of seized property, other than currency, including make, model, and year;

(21)    Estimated value of seized property other than currency;

(22)    Date of case completion;

(23)    Dollar amount of forfeited currency after case completion;

(24)    Description of forfeited property, other than currency, after case completion;

(25)    Estimated value of forfeited property, other than currency, after case completion;

(26)    Whether the property was returned to the defendant or property owner, returned to the innocent-owner claimant or creditor, bought back, sold, destroyed, retained or disbursed to law enforcement agency, or pending disposition; and

(27)    Case comments.

Source: SL 2022, ch 76, § 2.