43-32-37. Ejection--Hotel, campground, or RV park premises.

A hotel, campground, or RV park establishment may eject a person from the establishment premises, without return of the person's rental payment, as per the establishment's cancellation policy, for any of the following reasons:

(1)    Nonpayment of the business's charges for accommodations or services;

(2)    The person is engaged in disorderly conduct, as described in § 22-18-35, or has been the subject of complaints from other guests;

(3)    The person is using the premises for an unlawful act;

(4)    The person brought onto the premises any explosive or destructive device, as those terms are defined in § 22-1-2;

(5)    The person is not a registered guest of the establishment;

(6)    The person has exceeded the limitations for guest room or site occupancy established by the establishment;

(7)    The person has obtained the accommodation under false pretenses;

(8)    The person is a minor and is not under the supervision of the adult who has obtained the accommodation;

(9)    The person has violated any federal, state, or local laws or regulations relating to the establishment; or

(10)    The person has violated any rule of the business that is posted in a conspicuous place at or near the guest registration desk or inside each guest room, as applicable, of the establishment; except that no rule may authorize the establishment to eject or refuse or deny service in violation of chapter 20-13.

Source: SL 2022, ch 164, § 1.