21-10-1    Acts and omissions constituting nuisances.

21-10-2    Acts under statutory authority not deemed nuisance.

21-10-3    Public and private nuisances defined.

21-10-4    Public nuisance not legalized by lapse of time.

21-10-5    Remedies against nuisances enumerated.

21-10-6    Abatement of nuisance--Notice required--Taxing cost of abatement--Civil action.

21-10-7    Damages for past injury recoverable after abatement.

21-10-8    Liability of successive owners for continuing nuisance.

21-10-9    Persons entitled to maintain civil action against nuisance--Injunction and damages recoverable.

21-10-10    House of ill fame declared nuisance--Injunction and abatement.

21-10-11    State's attorney or citizen entitled to maintain action for injunction against house of ill fame.

21-10-12    Temporary injunction against house of ill fame--Proof required--Notice to defendant.

21-10-13    Binding effect on defendant of injunction against house of ill fame--Violation as contempt.

21-10-14    Approval required for dismissal of action against house of ill fame--Substitution of parties plaintiff.

21-10-15    Action against house of ill fame triable at first term of court--Evidence of reputation admissible.

21-10-16    Costs taxable to plaintiff on finding of no reasonable ground.

21-10-17    Order of abatement against house of ill fame--Removal and sale of property--Building closed--Use of building as contempt.

21-10-18    Officer's fees for enforcing order of abatement against house of ill fame--Proceeds of sale of property.

21-10-19    Release of property to owner on payment of costs and filing of bond--Conditions of bond--Effect of release.

21-10-20    Punishment of violations of injunction--Arrest and trial--Penalty.

21-10-21    21-10-21 to 21-10-24. Repealed by SL 2014, ch 108, §§ 3 to 6.

21-10-25    Agricultural operation defined.

21-10-25.1    Costs assessed against plaintiff in certain agricultural operation nuisance actions.

21-10-25.2    State policy to protect agricultural operations from nuisance suits.

21-10-25.3    Agricultural operations protected.

21-10-25.4    Damages due to water pollution or land overflow not affected by protected status.

21-10-25.5    Agricultural operation within municipality not protected.

21-10-25.6    Frivolous action against agricultural operation--Costs and expenses recoverable.

21-10-25.7    Agricultural operation nuisance--Compensatory damages.

21-10-25.8    Agricultural operation nuisance--Punitive damages.

21-10-25.9    Agricultural operation nuisance--Applicability of limitations.

21-10-25.10    Agricultural operation nuisance--Standing--Burden of proof--Violation required.

21-10-26    Logging slash defined.

21-10-27    Abandonment of logging slash as public nuisance--Penalty.

21-10-28    Use or operation of sport shooting range.

21-10-28.1    Significant threat to human life or private habitations.

21-10-29    Injunction not available to certain adversely affected property owners.

21-10-30    Recovery based on negligence or willful or wanton misconduct not precluded.

21-10-31    Provisions inapplicable where substantial change in primary use has occurred.

21-10-32    Regulation of sport shooting ranges not prohibited.

21-10-33    Sport shooting range defined.

21-10-34    Prospective application of §§ 21-10-28 to 21-10-33.