21-22-1    Definition of terms.

21-22-2    Application of chapter and §§ 55-3-24 to 55-3-48.

21-22-3    Inventory and documents filed by court trustee--Contents.

21-22-4    Appointment by nonresident trustee of agent to receive process.

21-22-5    County in which trustee's inventory and attached papers filed.

21-22-6    Commencement of supervision by court.

21-22-7    Petition, hearing and order dispensing with court supervision.

21-22-7.1    Notice of entry of order--Requirements.

21-22-8    Petition, hearing, and order resuming court supervision.

21-22-9    Petition, hearing, and order for court supervision of other trust--Information.

21-22-10    Fixing terms of trustee's bond--Amount and conditions--Sureties--Time of filing--New bond.

21-22-11    Bond required despite terms of trust instrument.

21-22-12    Vacancy of office of trustee--Successor--Temporary trustee--Resigned trustee.

21-22-13    Petitions relevant to trust administration--Hearing--Order.

21-22-14    Annual verified report of trustee--Optional calendar year basis.

21-22-15    Final report of trustee--Contents.

21-22-16    Objections to report of fiduciary or beneficiary--Adjournment of hearing--Order.

21-22-17    Contents of notice of hearings--Trustee's account attached.

21-22-18    Parties served with notice--Personal, mail, or electronic service.

21-22-19    Publication of notice in lieu of personal service.

21-22-20    Proof of service by affidavit.

21-22-21    Notice dispensed with by consent of parties.

21-22-22    Testimony and examination of reports--Questions considered.

21-22-23    Examination of trustee's reports by court.

21-22-24    Referee or accountant appointed to assist in examination of reports--Report confidential.

21-22-25    Attendance of witnesses and production of evidence at investigations and hearings.

21-22-26    Fiduciary's liability for failure to comply--Forfeiture of compensation--Fiduciary's acts not invalidated.

21-22-27    Prior settlement and distribution decrees validated--Assertion of vested rights.

21-22-28    Protection of privacy--Sealing and availability of documents.

21-22-29    21-22-29. Repealed by SL 2002, ch 100, § 2.

21-22-30    Court approval of trustee's accounting is conclusive--Accounting defined.

21-22-31    Rules of civil procedure applicable.

21-22-32    Title 55 governs actions of trustee as party to transaction.