21-27-1    Right of person detained or imprisoned to apply for writ.

21-27-1.1    Penal institution disciplinary sanctions--Writ not available remedy.

21-27-2    Inquiry into delay in bringing criminal prosecution to trial--Powers of court on return of writ.

21-27-3    Contents of application for writ--Documentary authority for commitment attached--Identification of prior applications.

21-27-3.1    Time for application.

21-27-3.2    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 118, § 2.

21-27-3.3    Two-year statute of limitation.

21-27-4    Counsel appointed for indigent applicant--Counsel fees--Ineffective assistance of counsel.

21-27-5    Writ awarded unless application shows no right to relief.

21-27-5.1    Second or subsequent application for writ--Leave to file--Dismissal.

21-27-6    Forfeiture by judge for refusal or delay in issuing writ--Liability for damages unimpaired.

21-27-7    Writ used to produce prisoners for testimony in criminal proceedings.

21-27-8    Signature and direction of writ--Endorsement by Habeas Corpus Act.

21-27-9    21-27-9. Repealed by SL 1983, ch 169, § 7.

21-27-9.1    Server of writ--Eligibility--Powers--Liability--Manner of service--Persons served.

21-27-9.2    Production of applicant--Payment of expenses--Applicant in state hospital or correctional facility.

21-27-9.3    Return to writ--Time for filing--Content.

21-27-10    Contempt and forfeiture by sheriff or jailer for failure to return writ and produce applicant--Liability for damages unaffected.

21-27-11    Transfer or concealment of applicant to avoid writ as felony.

21-27-12    Day set for hearing of cause.

21-27-13    Denials and new allegations in applicant's answer to return of writ--Amendment of return and suggestions against return.

21-27-14    Hearing and disposition of cause by judge.

21-27-14.1    Judge to hear application.

21-27-15    Judgment not inquired into on writ.

21-27-16    Causes for discharge of applicant committed on judicial process.

21-27-16.1    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 118, § 6.

21-27-17    New commitment in criminal case to remedy defects in previous commitment--Admission of applicant to bail.

21-27-18    Admission to bail of applicant in custody under judicial process.

21-27-18.1    Review by Supreme Court--Certificate of probable cause required--Motion for issuance of certificate--Appeal.

21-27-19    Admission to bail on grant of writ.

21-27-20    Supreme Court order required for admission to bail pending application for writ or pending appellate review.

21-27-21    Remand to custody or admission to bail pending review of order discharging writ.

21-27-22    Bail without surety pending review of order discharging prisoner.

21-27-23    Admission to bail by Supreme Court pending review.

21-27-24    Terms of bond given on admission to bail--Surety.

21-27-25    Order for temporary custody of person not held under judicial process--Security required of person granted custody.

21-27-26    Order remanding applicant to custody--Conclusive on second application for writ.

21-27-27    Discharge on second writ unlawful where crime charged--Admission to bail or remand to custody.

21-27-28    Second imprisonment on same cause prohibited after discharge on writ--Circumstances justifying second imprisonment.

21-27-29    Forfeiture for new arrest or detention after discharge on writ--Liability for damages unaffected.