21-3-1    General measure of damages for breach of noncontractual obligation--Foreseeability not required.

21-3-2    Punitive damages in discretion of jury.

21-3-3    Presumed damages for wrongful conversion of personal property--Presumptions conclusive when possession wrongful from beginning.

21-3-4    Lien holder's damages for conversion of personal property.

21-3-5    General measure of damages for wrongful occupation of real property.

21-3-6    Treble damages for forcible exclusion from real property.

21-3-7    Double damages for failure of tenant to give up premises after notice of intention.

21-3-8    Double damages for holding over by tenant after expiration of term and notice to quit.

21-3-9    Measure of damages for holding over real property by conservator, trustee, or life tenant.

21-3-10    Damages for wrongful injury to trees and plants.

21-3-11    Limitation on damages for medical malpractice.

21-3-11.1    Legislative findings--Revival of § 21-3-11.

21-3-12    Evidence of special damages insurance from certain collateral sources admissible in personal injury actions for health care malpractice.

21-3-13    Limitation of damages recoverable for injury or death of rodeo contestant.

21-3-14    Local law where personal injury occurs determines survival of claim.

21-3-15    Limitation of damages recoverable for injury or death resulting from negligence of child welfare agency.